Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Script 1st Draft (first three pages)

EXT Night - Junkyard - Track towards Duwaynes trailer - Raised voices from inside:

You're such a dumb-ass Duwayne!

INT Night - Duwaynes trailer - The expected bachelor chaos:

You know they're gonna track you down.
In fact I'm amazed you're still here, this
is the first place they're gonna look.

(Ensconsed in his LayZ boy)
Well you'd better go then Luna-May or they'll get you too.

Don't you care?
Mark's gonna fuckin' freak when he hears about this.

Can't you take a fuckin' hint? LEAVE ME ALONE!

(She storms out of the trailer slamming the door)
EXT Day - Junkyard - Sun up - Track towards trailer - The door bursts open and Duwayne exits. He crosses to his pick-up truck, dumps a bag in the back, starts the motor and tears off into the distance in a cloud of tire smoke.
Track towards trailer and enter through still open door to CU - A sealed envelope on the table marked "Luna-May"

INT Day - A dimly lit bar - Track towards booth - a group of men are huddled in heated discussion.

1st man
(With surpressed rage)
What do y'mean he got away?

2nd man
I told ya John, he was gone when I got there.
But I found these just layin' there.

He indicates the letter and a mini video tape on the table.

Gimmee those.

2nd man slides the items across the table. John picks up the tape and gives a sneer then rips open the envelope.

(To himself)
"Ok, I'm leaving and you might not ever
see me again unless you come to the usual
place same as last time. Love D" What the
fuck does that mean? Jesus Christ!

He empties his whiskey glass in one gulp and stands.

Come on you dumb fucks, let's get the fuck outta here.

They rise and leave the bar in a hurry. Cut to EXT as they climb into their cars and high tail it.

EXT Day - Highway - Duwayne driving fast. Cut to Int truck CU Duwayne muttering to self:

Goddamn shit on a stick! What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do?
There's only one thing I can do. Call Mark. He'll know what to do.

INT Day - A plush office in an unidentified European city. A bearded man in a business suit is seated at the desk. The phone rings.
A pause and then he lifts the receiver.

Yes? Ok...put him through.